Chi Omega Badge
Chi Omega's badge is a monogram of the Greek letter "Chi" superimposed over the Greek letter "Omega." The fourteen stones, always pearls or diamonds, are set into the badge. Dr. Charles Richardson, one of Chi Omega's Founders, crafted our first badge from dental gold.
  • Placement: Wear the pin above all other pins and over the heart. Chapter guards should be located to the left and below the badge.
  • Attire: Wear the pin with professional clothing -- dresses, suits, nice pants, etc. Do not wear pin with casual clothing -- jeans, t-shirts, jerseys, sweats or shorts.
  • Order badge after Initiation.
  • The badge is the property of Chi Omega Fraternity.
  • A new member is welcome to wear the Chi Omega badge of a sister, mother, or grandmother, but she must also purchase her own badge with her membership information.
  • Only initiated members may wear the badge.
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